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Candidate of the Week

Cheri Beasley
North Carolina

"It's Time For Change"

Challenging Richard Burr

We must decry the failures of justice and equity just as forcefully as we decry violence.

Cheri Beasley
Policy Positions

If you know North Carolina politics, then you know that people like outgoing Republican Senator Richard Burr, who are backed by corporate interests like Duke Energy (champions of the Central Corridor Gas Pipeline Project) and the tobacco industry, have ruled this state for as long as anybody can remember. Burr is a cookie-cutter contemporary Republican, voting against Obamacare and in favor of banning abortion after 20 weeks, denying that human activity is related to climate change, championing a constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage, opposing financial reform and consumer protections, and voting against increases in financial aid for needy students. Perhaps most cravenly, Burr was an ardent supporter of Donald Trump basically until he announced that he was retiring, at which point he joined six of his Republican colleagues in voting to impeach. If you’re tired of corporate-controlled conservative politicians like Burr, then you finally have a politician to root for. Smith models herself after Shirley Chisholm, and just like Chisholm, she’s the only candidate in next year’s election who is truly “unbought and unbossed.”


North Carolina’s license plates read “First in Flight” –– a commemoration of the Wright Brothers’ first sustained flight of a self-propelled aircraft on the Outer Banks. The area was the second territory to be colonized by the English after Virginia, but the land was home to vast indigenous civilizations dating back over 10,000 years, including the Cherokee and Roanoke tribes. The state was the last to join the confederacy after being called upon by Abraham Lincoln to invade its sister state, though many in the state opposed secession and Black and white citizens alike took up arms for the Union. North Carolina has come into its reputation as a swing state in the past 15 years, with Barack Obama taking the state in 2008 (the first Democrat to do so since 1976) and losing to Mitt Romney by two points in 2012. However, despite the more recent liberal shift in major urban areas and the University of North Carolina “Research Triangle,” Donald Trump took the state in both 2016 and 2020. The state is seen as heavily gerrymandered along racial and partisan lines, resulting in disproportionate Republican representation.