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Tim Ryan

"Let's cut workers in on the deal."

Ryan vs Vance

JD Vance is counting on billionaires like Peter Thiel and Donald Trump to prop him up. Me? I’m depending on folks like Denise from Youngstown who chipped in $5 and Craig from Springboro who gave $25.

Tim Ryan
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As a young Republican, J.D. Vance once rebuked Donald Trump and his politics. Now, he’s one of Trump’s biggest crusaders. Vance, who was raised in Middletown, Ohio, promotes himself as the one who made it out of the cycle of poverty that he grew up in. Born into a working-class Southern family, Vance went on to study law at Yale University and work as a venture capitalist under the tech billionaire Peter Thiel, a so-called libertarian who has contributed 10 million dollars to a pro-Vance super PAC. Vance’s sudden change in tune shows that his morals and his vote can (and will continue to) be bought.

J.D. Vance was launched into the public eye after his memoir, Hillbilly Elegy, became a New York Times bestseller. The controversial memoir–although highly successful–has been criticized for making broad generalizations about Southern culture, Southern politics, and the systemic failures that lead to poverty. Vance, who presented himself as a guide to understanding the white working class of Appalachian America, once publicly deemed Donald Trump and his politics “reprehensible” and a danger to American society. Now his senate campaign is officially endorsed by former President Donald Trump and promoted by conspiracist television host Tucker Carlson. Vance’s stances on important issues mirror the interests of his supporters. He is pro-life to an extreme, going so far as to say that abortion should be entirely eliminated. All the while, he vows to fight any restrictions on gun ownership and access with federal legislation.

While J.D. Vance’s campaign is backed by the rich and powerful–notably Trump, Tucker, and Thiel–he continues to pose as a spokesperson for the working class. This is not the only aspect of the Vance campaign that is fraudulent. Recently, the Vance campaign has come under fire for illegally conspiring and coordinating with the super PAC Protecting Ohio Values, to which Vance’s former boss Peter Thiel has personally contributed 10 million dollars. While super PACs are legally allowed to collect unlimited contributions from individual donors and corporations, they are not permitted by law to coordinate with campaigns on how they spend that money. However, a secret website uncovered by Politico contains evidence that Protecting Ohio Values was communicating with the Vance campaign by uploading polling information, potential scripts for ads, political analyses, and a wealth of other information onto the website, which was intentionally kept unsearchable via search engine. The Vance campaign now faces legal action on the behalf of watchdog organizations like The Campaign Legal Center and End Citizens United.
–Iman Husain

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Date: Sept 12th-13th, 2022
Pollster: Emerson College


Like many Rust Belt states, Ohio lurched rightward in recent years as many white working-class voters abandoned their traditional support for the Democratic party. While this realignment accelerated under President Trump — with the former president winning the state twice by increasing margins — the sole statewide-elected Democrat, Senator Sherrod Brown, handily won re-election in 2018, signaling Democrats’ continued appeal. In the campaign, Brown emphasized his strong support of unions and the party’s working-class policy orientation.