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Angus King

As the son of two schoolteachers, I know that educators make so many sacrifices to teach our children. They shouldn't ever have to pay for school supplies out-of-pocket, the least we can do is ensure they receive expanded tax deductions for these purchases.

Angus King
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Maine, the northeastern-most state of the contiguous United States, is famous for its vast lakes, dense forests, and rocky coastline. An estimated 90 percent of Maine’s land is forested, making it one one of the most rural states in the nation. Only 40 percent of its population resides in urban areas. Maine is one of two states that, during presidential elections, can potentially split their electoral votes along party lines. One electoral vote is awarded to the winner of Maine’s overall popular vote, while the other two electoral votes go to the winners of each of Maine’s two congressional districts. Deviating from the typical winner-takes-all system, the state enacted its electoral college rule in 1972. And, ever since the 1970s, Maine’s electorate has grown increasingly independent, choosing to register as neither Democrats nor Republicans. Maine voters are known to value political independence, bolstering the success of independent politicians like Angus King.

Maine’s population is overwhelmingly white and rural. As of 2021, the United States Census Bureau estimates that 94 percent of Maine’s population identifies as solely white. Still, the state has remained purple — though more recently, it has leaned blue. In the 2022 midterm elections, Maine’s voters elected two Democrats to represent them in the U.S. House and elected a Democratic governor. Still, it is worth noting that Maine has retained Republican Senator Susan Collins since 1997, making her Maine’s longest-serving member of Congress.